Monday, January 31, 2011


Since on Wednesday we are doing how we react to random phenomena, I encourage you to look at something I produced quite a while ago. Have a go at that piece and then download the spreadsheet called Time_Counter. I swear it was much faster back then, when we didn't have dual core processors. Indeed, because of that there are hidden arithmetic functions the simulation does to slow it down.

For our discussion on Wednesday, it really would be helpful to have some acquaintance with the concept known as a random walk. The underlying question is - if you see the consequences of a random walk, do you nonetheless detect a pattern in what you observe? If you do, you are rationalizing randomness.

This other link is entirely unrelated to any substance in our course. It is pure fun. Here I will only say, the puzzle is do-able. But if you try it, it might not seem that way.

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