About Prof. Arvan

Contact Info:

It's best to get in touch with me by email.  I should be pretty responsive that way.  Please use the following address rather than my university account.  I set this up to use exclusively for teaching.
prof dot arvan at gmail dot com.

If you want an appointment outside of the class meeting time:

I am happy to do that but will need to accommodate my other teaching (Econ 302) and some non-university obligations.  In your email message please suggest both the subject of what you'd like to discuss and a couple of possible times when you are available.  We'll go from there.

Brief Bio:

I started at Illinois in fall 1980 as a junior faculty member, worked here for 30 years in various capacities, and retired starting August 2010.  For the first fifteen years or so, I found truth (this was my research) by staring at equations and diagrams written on yellow ruled pads.  Thereafter I had a change in career path and embraced learning technology, first as a practitioner, then as an administrator.  For a while I was the main ed tech guy for the Campus.  Subsequent to that I was the Associate Dean for eLearning in the College of Business.  I view retirement as a next phase in my work life, where I can try new things and test out some of my ideas.  This course represents one step in that direction.

Other Blogs:

My main ed tech blog:  Lanny on Learning Technology

A book in process on my views about teaching and learning:  Guessing Games