Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So much for DiMaggio

I had never heard of this guy and stumbled across the video below by accident. If you very rarely miss on average, it is virtually impossible to tell if you get hot.

Charles Kurault, the interviewer in the piece, was a CBS News reporter. His doing the interview makes it seem this is not a crank.


  1. You have to wonder what the rules to his record breaking streaks are. It seems like the story implies he has to do them all in one "sitting", but at some point fatigue will set in and should that count as the reason his streak is broken? I also think DiMaggio's streak is more impressive since he had to deal with different environmental settings for each game.

  2. If not fatigue, then boredom for this guy and whoever was verifying he was doing it.

    The NBA record is in the low 90s, set by a player from Minnesota. It is so different from this guy one has to wonder what's up with it.