Thursday, May 12, 2011

Semester Wrap Up and Grades

As you folks are are finishing your papers let met say what what I plan to do.

1. I need to write up evaluations of your blog posts for the second half as I did for the first half.
2. You well get a terse write up on your paper (after getting extensive comments on the draft).
3. If you want to comment about your teammates performance (and whether they did put in sufficient effort) here is what to do. Go to Moodle. Go to Participants in the left. Find me. At the bottom, there is a button to send me a message. In the message please identify your team and then say whatever else you want about your teammates. Do not do this by email. Email is not secure and communicating personal information demands such security.

When I've got all the relevant info I will do a final grade calculation and first post those to Moodle. I will email the class when I've done that. It might take a bit more to get the grades into Banner.

This is the time of the year when professors are prone to procrastinate.

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