Sunday, February 13, 2011

Assigning chapters from Nudge this Wednesday

We need to get going on the course project. So this Wednesday we will allocate chapters of Nudge to teams. I want to do this on Wednesday so your team has time to consider its preference. Here are the various things you should know about this.

  • I will present Chapter 1 on Biases and Blunders on February 28, a Monday. The first team will present Chapter 2 on Resisting Temptation in the next class. That will be on Wednesday March 2. Thereafter for each class we will do one chapter per class session. This will take us till near the end of the term.
  • I'm expecting, at the moment, that each presentation/discussion will take about a half hour. However, I'm really pulling that out of thin are. I certainly don't want to cut off discussion if it is going strong. But at the moment I'm anticipating we read other things too while we do Nudge and I will do the other things.
  • Teams should be producing a presentation in advance of the class discussion for students to review so more of the time in class is spent on the discussion.
  • Teams doing the presentation should be reading the blog posts of other teams on that chapter. Comments on those posts are encouraged, though not required.
  • Teams will write a paper after the session is over. More details on the paper will be forthcoming.
  • I will coach the team so it has help in getting ready.
  • I will start meeting with the first two teams immediately after we do this allocation.
I don't know how this will work in terms of engaging the class. It worked very well when I did this in a seminar but here we are a much larger audience and the class is still learning to hit its stride. Later teams will have the advantage that perhaps we'll know better how to pull this off, but more will be expected of them as a consequence. Early teams will have to perform where there still is some making it up as we go along. I hope they will set a high bar for those who follow.

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