Monday, March 28, 2011

More on Term Paper

Teams are required to produce a paper - the syllabus says between 3000 and 4000 words, which I will translate to between 6 and 10 pages, single space within paragraphs, line space between paragraphs. There are a few different goals for these papers.

One is to take points raised in the class discussion and follow up on them. In that sense this is to be an annotated record of what we did in class and then to go beyond that by reframing the issues as you see fit.

Another is to ask whether economists who are not behavioralists have discussed the issue and if so what are their points. If not economists, is there a different scholarly literature you can point to that has discussed the matter? You can also look for pieces in more popular outlets, but I first want to know about scholarly work. So here you need to do reading outside the book on the subject of your chapter. Please cite these readings and then tie in what they say to what is said in the chapter.

Finally, this is your chance to write at some length on whether you agree or disagree with the arguments in the chapter. You must give justification for your point of view. I will be quite unsympathetic to pot shots taken without reasoned argument behind it. However, if you give argument, you may endorse or take issue with the points in the chapter. I'm agnostic on which way you go with this stuff.

With these as goals you are to produce a coherent narrative. Part of the assessment of the piece is whether you do that.

I expect a draft that you send me as an email attachment which I can comment on before you submit your final version. The final version is due during Final exam week. I would like you to post that to your team blog. It will then stand as a record for the class. I will comment on it in Moodle and provide the assessment there.

The last time you can submit is Friday, May 13 at 11 AM. There are no exceptions to this deadline. I hope the deadline doesn't bind for any team.

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