Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ran out of time and forgot something too

Some things to follow up with the class session today.

2. Tying Mill's idea of ownership as incentive to Akerlof's discussion of efficiency wage theory.
On this point it is interesting to observe that in the current labor market many firms are expanding their workforce with temps rather than with full time employees.

3. This is the video with Daniel Pink's voice. You will enjoy it. It is very slickly produced. Whether it is good economics is a different matter. But it does make the point that sharecropping incentives applied to modern work are not effective. I agree on that point.

4. There were one or two survey responses that indicated the level of the course is not high enough and there is not enough to read. There may be one or two other students who didn't complete the survey who feel the same way. So here is a potential accommodation.

There are two doctoral students in the class from the Accounting department who are taking the course for graduate credit, and to do that they are doing outside readings that are more at a graduate course level. I've asked them and you are welcome to join their reading group if you'd like. This would be for your interest only. It is not a requirement for our class and I don't intend to give you course credit for an independent study. But it should get you exposed to more sophisticated readings intended for a professional economist audience rather than for the broader public.

If this interests you please let me know in the next day or two.

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