Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Initial Steps for Teams

1. Pick a team name. I will give you the first letter and you will have to work with that. I want the teams to array in alphabetical order in an easy way.

2. Determine whether your team will blog openly or do so privately in Moodle. Friendly persuasion is okay but no coercion. This is not majority rule. If one member of the team strongly wants to blog privately, that's what the team will do. There is a right to privacy.

3. If you will blog openly, build a blog for that and make sure each member of the team is a member of that blog. Each student should make a test post. I suggest the content of that post to be a tiny bit about your pseudonym. (Do a search to learn a little bit about the person. Link to the reference in your post.) When you've done that, email me with the blog url so I can put it into the list of student blogs.

If you will blog privately, email the name of your team and I will set up the blog in Moodle. Once it is set up each member of the team should make a test post as above.

4. Share contact info with your teammates so they know how to get in touch with you and vice versa.

5. Determine a regular team meeting time. I suggest a regular location as well though you may have to be a little flexible with where to meet.

6. Determine a pattern of work responsibility. Your team is responsible for two posts per week (one for each class session) and comments on those. On a team of four, the typical teammate will be posting once ever other week and commenting three times every two weeks.

7. Make a bond that you will do the relevant reading before the team meetings. You will get nothing out of the meetings otherwise. The meetings are mainly to talk through what you will be writing about and to react to comments from me and perhaps other classmates on prior posts.

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