Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't do today what you can put off till tomorrow

Here's a little foreshadowing of what you will be writing about and what we will be discussing next Monday. The piece itself is an entertaining read. It is inherently about human weakness that is all (most?) of us.

What we can learn from procrastination : The New Yorker via kwout

And also watch the video of the interview with David Laibson, to see that economists take this seriously as an explanation for why people don't save enough.

Now the question is, having done the reading and viewing what you should write about?

Here are some suggestions on what to include as you begin:

* A brief summary of the readings (not the entire post, just a few sentences)

* A discussion of things that you’ve read elsewhere that tie into these readings

* A discussion of experiences you’ve had that tie into these readings

* Any possible ways to extend the arguments made in the readings

* Any disagreements you might have the points made in the readings and, if so, why

After a while you will find your own rhythm in the writing and with that you shouldn't feel a need to stick with the above list. It is only meant as some suggestions to get you started.

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